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Computerised Electronic Lock
     Electronic lock systems are commonly used in hotels, motels, cruise ships and ferries where rooms are rented to guests for a short period of time and a high level of security is required. These offer several advantages over mechanical locks such as better access control by providing multiple access codes as well as dedicated time zones. In particular, electronic lock systems have revolutionized the hospitality industry by offering a safe and efficient way of controlling the access to the devices in hotel rooms. The electronic lock system is controlled by a computer system. Typically, it consists of a key generating station, which is located at the check-in counter or front desk of the hotel, and an electronic lock, which is mounted at the door of a room and provides access to the room. Upon checking in at the front desk of the hotel and being assigned a room, a customer is given the electronic key corresponding to the electronic lock securing access to his room. The electronic lock may perform processing upon user input before causing the locking mechanism to activate or deactivate. Such processing allows more sophisticated functionality than the aforementioned mechanical locks. Electronic locks provide for increased security as the lock can be reprogrammed to reject the keys that it would previously accept. Also, these don’t use a mechanical key that can be easily duplicated.

click here to download description file.

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